English/Thai Translations


     Unless you are fluent in reading and writing Thai, you will not fully understand legal requirements and documentation when dealing with the authorities in Thailand. To assist you, Suwat International Law Office have experienced translators to do this on your behalf.

     All company documentation must be completed in Thai, and we will guide you through the process by explaining what forms need to be submitted and making sure you fully understand what we are doing for you.

     Whether you need to set up a company, deal with the revenue service, write a contract or apply for a work permit, you can rest assured that all your documents will be translated in accurate and highly articulate Thai.

     In addition to translating company and immigration documents, our other areas of expertise include marketing and advertising, the internet, commerce and finance.

     In summary, our services include:

  • English to Thai translations;
  • Thai to English translations.
  • Other Language

     Translations are carried out by a lawyer with over 40 years experience.



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